John, Here is the RCA S52 that I cleaned and is on display, this is my favorite radio in my collection. I will be purchasing other radios in the future. I will continue watching your web site as I begin to save the money.
Thank you again for being the honest person you are!! Dan


John, In your description for this Heathkit IG-72 you said "Overall appearance is excellent" and "Chassis spotless".  You were certainly not exaggerating.  I must say this:  In the countless pieces of vintage test equipment which I have serviced/restored over the years, I have never seen a single piece of gear as clean as this. In the fifteen (or more) years we have done business together it has always been a pleasure dealing with you.  Primarily for the following reason: 1)  You are a nice guy, and very honest in all your transactions. 2)  You always do an excellent job of packing.  I have never received anything from you which was damaged during shipment. 3)  Most importantly, I have found that everything I have ever purchased from you was exactly as described in your website. Thanks, Poston


Hi, John. I received my order, and I want to thank you for a terrific packing job! Those boxes could have survived an air drop! I also must add that I couldnít be more pleased with my purchases. The tube tester is amazing, and cleaned up and works beautifully. The HP audio generator is something Iíve wanted for years, and Iím thrilled to have it. Youíre to be complimented also for the careful way you have of enclosing the documentation with each item. Please keep up the great work.    A very satisfied customer,   Dmitri


John, I am very well pleased with the purchase.  Chassis is exactly as described--complete with only minor surface rust.  Yes, the wood cabinet is very poor which I expected, but I believe it can be saved.  I would say your website description of the radio and cabinet was exactly correct.  Which is why I have always felt confident in buying from you and why I recommend you to others.  Your pictures and/or descriptions of everything you offer for sale can always be relied upon to tell the entire truth. Poston


Hi John, I just wanted to say thank you. The recorder works beautifully. It was in pristine condition, and I had no trouble at all. I plugged it in, put on a tape, and it worked like a charm! I'm definitely bookmarking your website. Thank you, again. That recorder was one of the best deals I've found in a very, very long time. I'm happy to recommend you to anyone who asks!! Best, Mary L


John, The Scott 280 arrived on Tuesday. I was a little concerned about placing an order with a company I was not familiar with and by chance found several pages into a random hh Scott google search. I am very pleased that I discovered you and took the chance to place an order. You under promised and over delivered. I just finished detailing the piece and it pops. Thanks for being one of the "GOOD" guys!  Don K


I received my order in good shape today.  All the items were in better condition than I expected; your descriptions of all of them were really on the "conservative" side.  I am very pleased. I also want to thank you for your prompt, courteous, and honest service and for finding a way to reduce the shipping charge. Ken B.

Hi John, I am just writing to thank you for having such a fabulous web site. I am not as old as most people who seem to collect this stuff, but I truly enjoy the hobby. I was very pleased with the packing and the fact that you even had the EXACT transformer that I needed! I haven't hooked it up yet, but I am very pleased with your business etiquette (which is HIGHLY important to me). I loved the personal note inside, as well. It shows you care about your business, but most of all how you treat us as customers. I look forward to making more purchases in the future. Again, all my thanks. Best regards, SSG Joe , US ARMY.
P.S. I'm 42 years old by the way. Also, I am extremely pleased that you ship to APO's. I did 3 tours in Iraq and am about to do my first in Afghanistan, and having an APO-friendly place to shop will make my tour so much better. Thank you


Dear Mr. Kendall,    Just a kind email to let you know I received the Zenith Radio, Model A508R this evening. I am just so impressed with the items you have for sale. I now have purchased 16 radios from you and every single radio was even better than your description. I have  restored 4 of the 16 and those 4 look and sound like they did in their day. What enjoyment I get when I turn them on and hear music or speech from them. I thank you again for what you do for the vintage electronics field. I am a very, very happy and satisfied customer and will continue making purchases from you. Very Truly Yours, Dan


Hi John, Just received the RCA 96T5. As usual, the packaging was great! As you know I live at the 'opposite' end of the U.S. from Vintage Electronics and I
can truthfully say that in the dozen or more orders that I have placed with you, I have never received any thing with shipping damage! The outside of the boxes
 may have had damage, but the items inside were in "as ordered" condition!
 Secondly, the on-line order software that you use is excellent. What a pleasure it is to step through the ordering process without hassle, and no PayPal to boot!
Thirdly, I have never received an item from you that was a "surprise"! The item description on your web site has been "right on".........I got what I expected to get!
Lastly, I believe you truly care about building and keeping your clientele. I believe it is evident in the speed in which the order is shipped, your attention to packing and the full description of the items you have on your site. These are all much appreciated by this "repeat customer"! As always, John, it's been a real pleasure doing business with you..........again!  Richard

Hi John- I just wanted to drop you a quick note... The three radios got here quickly and in good condition. This Sony case looks much better than I
expected (even compared to your pictures)!  I've already got it cleaned up and swapped out for my broken one. Thanks once again
for your safe packing and quick service. Sincerely- -Don

Hey John, Received my order yesterday from UPS. Fantastic packing job! Everything I received was beyond my expectations. The speaker is a perfect fit. I am going to solder everything up hopefully this afternoon but don't see any issues with the parts. Thanx so much John for offering a wonderful resource for vintage radio parts. You rock! I will be placing a tube order in the next couple weeks. Have a great weekend. Drew

This one's so sad it's funny....   John...  Thank you for sending that Handle - I just received the UPS shipping notice.  I thought that you might enjoy a little laugh on the state of the electronics business.  We are a service center which repairs TV's VCR's, etc, etc.... YESTERDAY, just after I ordered this handle, I ordered a Part for a 8 year old TV and a 10 year old stereo.  of the 3 parts ONLY YOURS was available, the manufacturer of the other two having declared them to be obsolete.  Today, I go to order a part for a 2 year old LCD tv and find that the part NEVER WAS available.  on some brands & models there is absolutely NO product support.  I got a better chance of fixing a 60 year old radio than a 2 year old LCD.      Ain't that a sad state of affairs.   Joe

John, I received the radio yesterday.  It's in much better shape than I expected and it even works!  Thanks for your service! Dave

    Hi John, I must compliment you on a superb packing job.  This hefty machine came through without a  scratch. The very sturdy carton no doubt had a lot to do with this.   Tim

John, Thank you for the antenna transformer. I received it yesterday, installed it today. Its working perfectly! Thanks again, Jose'

Hi John ! Received my tubes as described, fast delivery!  I will be doing business with you again in the future! ThankYou! Mark

Hey, John! Just wanted to say thanks for the Knight amplifier. It should work out great!   Thanks,   Danny


John,   Recieved the speaker yesterday.  Again, the packing job amazed me.  Your service is outstanding and I look forward to doing business with you again soon! Jim

Hi John,   I received the amp. It arrived Weds-as promised. Very well packed. Thank you.  Chris                                                                                                        

Hi John, received amp today, fast shipping and great packaging job!!...  The amp looks like a beauty.  I plugged my guitar in and it does work.. Thanks again, Rob

Pleased to let you know the Radio arrived on Tuesday morning 24th in good condition. Very pleased with it & found it exactly as described. Thanks for the quick service. Kind Regards, Len

John:   Radio just arrived safe and sound.  Looks great. Thanks for shipping it so quickly . Everything I have ever bought from you has been exactly as it was represented in your ad and I really appreciate this and look forward to buying more from you in the future. Thanks again and have a happy and safe summer.  Sam


You're the BEST!!  Thank you so much.  Being in a service business myself, I really appreciate the GREAT customer service.  I'll be back to you first for any future needs.  Thanks Again, James
HI!...John... Radio and turntables arrive .,just as you promised.,turntables are better than you described....thank you for you effort in the packing...Radio sound good..nice doing business with you...       Sincerely...                    Hugo

Hi John,

  Thanks for the Aircastle Tombstone. As usual, your stuff arrives better  than expected. Your packaging job was awesome, thanks!  Curt


just wanted to send a note to thank you for a great deal, quick shipping and just an all around excellent transaction. keep up the good work    wayne


I received the radio the other day: excellent packaging and quick turnaround. If this were an eBay transaction, I'd give you positive feedback. Thanks very much. Mike

Hi John,

 The Philco 70 arrived yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon in good condition.  The chassis and speaker are very nice, extremely clean.  The cabinet has a few minor issues but was exactly as you described.  I am very pleased with this Philco, I plan to restore it as a "keeper".  Most of all, I appreciate the excellent job you did in packing it up.  It was worth it, as everything arrived in very good shape.
 Best regards, Poston

Hello John,
I received the radio today. It is as described. Thank you for fast shipping and a honest description. Have a great day. Rich

Excellent piece of vintage domestic quality. Works fantastic, prompt shipping, packed very well.  Outstanding!! dave

 Wanted to say thanks again. The radio arrived in one piece and was in great  shape. The finish came out fantastic with a little work, and surprisingly enough all of the tubes tested good. I had to replace three condensers and fix a couple solder spots, and do a little work on the speaker, as well as general cleaning. It was a fairly easy fix, and the old set works wonderfully, I couldn't be more pleased. I will be doing business with you again. Thanks alot  Joel


Hi John,

   Well, the Majestic radio arrived yesterday. It looks better than the picture; I am quite pleased. I already dug into the chassis, found a dead short in an electrolytic cap. With that replaced, the radio started playing as I brought up the AC volts! And I noticed it still had the original G-58AS and G-57AS spray-shield tubes, as well as the G-84 rectifier. (The tube fell out of its base, gravity, time and heat the likely culprits) But once re-based and the pins re-soldered, it came to life.
   Thanks again for the great service!  Chuck

Hi John,
Thanks so much. I'm glad there is still good people to deal with in the radio business. I always check your site first and hope you have the parts.  Thanks again and we'll be doing more business soon,  Richard


I received My order yesterday.....very fast service, great product, very good price....you're the best! Thanks John.   Seven

Hey John,
Received items in great shape. It sure is nice to receive items that are properly packed and without damage. I have already recapped and retubed the Sherwood and it really screams. Nice outfit.
Thanks, Ron

I wanted you to know how satisfied I am with my order! It was received this past Friday with no problems from shipping. I don't now how you got all that packing plastic inside that little box....it stretches out longer than I am tall!!  Anyways, after bench testing/paint and install it's doing great......I'm so glad you were able to help me with my needs..Thanks so much for the opportunity of having done business with you, I will look forward to any future needs. Have a safe and wonderful new year, Marty
I received the Sams Photofact today.  Thank you so much not only for making this hard to find item available but also for the prompt acknowledgement and shipment.  Sams are/were a great product so I may be inquiring about others in the future.  I've started a new hobby messing around with the tube stereo gear and it's like an addiction. Thanks again, Greg
Hello John,
Just wanted to let you know that the wilcox-gay recordio arrived safely and a lot faster then anticipated.. received it yesterday and should have it basically working tomorrow. Once again thanks, another shipment from you that exceeded my expectations.  Thanks Jim


Radio arrived on time today in good shape, looks like a really fun restoration project.  Thanks for the fast, excellent service and great prices.  I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.  John

I received the above order yesterday and the merchandise did exceed my expectations. I got the Admiral 5X12 cleaned up, replaced the defective components and happily listened to it most of last night. I think Iíll be able to do the same to the other two units. Thanks again,  Mel 


 it is so nice of you to spend the time to help me out. That is so rare these days. You can count on me as a loyal customer. Thanks again and I will let you know how it goes.   Dave

John,  I just had to write and let you know how much that I appreciate the great service that you have provided to me, and I'm sure plenty of other customers that are trying to keep their vintage electronics alive for future generations.  The part that I needed, and you provided, to restore my little Zenith Royal 125 transistor radio works like new and the radio now plays great.  Sincerely, Randy

Hi John
I received my order today in great shape!  As usual I found it well packed! Thank you. A pleasure to do business with you.......again!  Richard

Hello John, 
parts received safely this morning. Beautiful ones! Thanks and regards,  Carlos

Hi John,

Received the Lafayette 250A and Sonora bakelite today...both arrived in great shape...I must say, you do a quality packing job. I was impressed. The products were a pleasant surprise also. Rest assured, I'll be checking your site out for more purchases. Thanksalot!!!  Ron

Hi John,
The Philco  filter capacitor I ordered arrived Saturday.Thanks for the hard to find part in very good condition and the quick service!  I installed the can on the chassis and now the  Philco 45C  is all original  on top.The old radio is in great shape with the original finish, grille cloth, cloth covered cord in great shape, and metal back. The only thing it was missing was  one of the two original filter capacitors and thanks to you  it now has that. I don't know where else I could have found it! I do appreciate the help and service you provide. I will be sure to check with you again  for any radio parts I may need .          Thank you very much,     Bill

Thanks for wrapping the Heathkit dial glass separately. It would have broke rattling around in the cabinet. I worked on the Hallicrafters all day saturday, cleaning and replacing the dial drive cord etc. The unit works now with almost no hum. It picked up cw tones on 40 meters even without a bfo.    Thanks, Brad

Dear John,
Ordered a Rca 9x561 radio from you  a few weeks ago. It came the following Tuesday. I was very impressed with the packing job. Everything was as you said it was and I am very happy. Two rub downs with brasso, two coats of car wax and six hours later you can smile at this old radio and count your teeth in the reflection. I love old radios because they remind me of a time when America took pride in the quality of a product and people were honest. I think that is how you do business and will order again.Thank you, Tom


John    Thanks for the prompt service. All parts were in very good condition.              Jack



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