WANTED: Victor 3900 Electronic Desktop Calculator. Ca mid 60's. May also be labeled Philco 3900 or Philco 2400. If you have one please let me know what kind of condition it's in and what you'd like to swap for it, or will pay cash. Also interested in sales or service literature on the calculator and any parts (electrical or cosmetic). Would like to communicate with anyone connected with the development of this calculator at Victor, General Microelectronics (GME) or Philco Ford or anyone familiar with the product at all. There were some with the Philco name on them used at Ford offices in the 70's, I'd even like to communicate with anyone that remembers using one or repairing them. There are similar Victor calculators (1400 series) but I am NOT interested in them, only model 3900 or 39-xxx.
Please email with information. If you should see this item for sale anywhere (except for ebay), and are the first to tell me about it, I'll pay you a finders fee if I'm the successful bidder.



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