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All revenue from this web site is derived from sales of vintage electronic collectibles and related items. I don't sell (or give or lend) lists to anyone. If you're on my Newstuff mailing list you may have noticed that your email address isn't even printed on that when I send it. It's addressed to "Newstuff", that way the spammers can't glean addresses from it.

Customer information not given out
I do not give out customer email addresses (or any information) to anyone. Occasionally someone will want to know who bought a particular radio, I will not give that information out. I will, however, forward the inquiring persons email address to the customer that bought the radio and leave it at that. If he or she wants to contact the interested party they are free to do so. The only email addresses I do give out are for vendors that may be able to help a customer that I'm unable to help.

I no longer keep a customer database at all (only the email addresses in my Newstuff mailing list which is stored on another computer) so there's no chance of  someone getting credit card information by hacking my computer.

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